Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Blog

I had a bit of free time this morning, and so I made Byron a little blog for some of his pictures Ü

Link is on the right→

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Byron's say


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Monday, July 23, 2007


Because of feeding Byron, I didn't exactly get to the bookshop at 9am last Saturday, but I did join the queue at about 9:30 with my pre-paid ticket, Byron in the Baby Björn. It took about 10 minutes to get my book, even though everyone had pre-paid tickets. (There were a lot of people; the line was right out the door.)

It also happened to be Mum's birthday, so I went and spent the morning up there, catching up with my Auntie, Uncle and cousin, who stopped in. I wanted to stay and chat, but I really wanted to go home and start reading. LOL. I finally got home at about 1:30, put my feet up and my chocolate next to me, and started reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Byron was very considerate, and slept most of the rest of the day. But, of course, I couldn't read all the time, so I didn't finish it until Sunday afternoon. Most of my theories were right, especially about Snapey, so I was happy. he he. Quite a few of the main characters died. There was even a birth, which I wasn't expecting! lol. And there was a lot of information that I didn't quite take in, I think, especially when I was feeding Byron in the middle of the night, and reading half-asleep. So I'm reading it again. Nathan's going to read it, so I'll have to let him have it when he wants, but he's in no hurry, so I think I'll have it read again before he starts.

Unlike last time, I haven't got any burning questions or theories to get off my chest. Most of them are answered and explained. There was even a short chapter at the end telling a bit about their lives 19 years in the future, which was interesting. There were a lot of funny bits, even though it was generally a bit grim. I like the way Fred and George immediately start joking about George's ear, which was cut off. And how Ron keeps referring to his book on how to understand girls... he he. I liked "Auntie Muriel" lol! She reminded me of Umbridge. And it was a bit enlightening to see all Professor Snapes memories, though I'd guessed most of that.

Anyway, I do ramble. Byron's asleep, so I might go back to reading HP7 again. Ü

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I've been out with Byron a bit lately, to Wendouree Village with the pram, to central square with the carrier, to church a few times, to a few First Birthday parties. I also was going to walk around the lake with Esther, Ruth and Hannah, but it's been canceled three times. But I'm going to start going round the lake with them and the babies each week. Byron seems to love the carrier and I find it really comfortable.

Nathan and I took Byron to get his photo taken professionally. The photographer had obviously photographed kids quite a lot, because he coaxed a few cute smiles out of him. Now that Byron is 6 weeks old (last Thursday) he has been smiling quite a bit, but the photographer was impressed with how responsive and alert he was, and how easily he got him to smile. Well, that's what he said... I guess it doesn't do to tell paying customers that their child isn't as advanced as other children he sees... LOL! Afterwards we went to Macdonald's (while the photographer organized a preview page for us) and then Nathan picked up the A4 page (with 'thumbnails' of our photos; we get two free) and we drove to Simon and Esther's. We were only going to stay a short time, but Byron was really quite relaxed, so we stayed for quite a while, playing Dutch Blitz with Hannah and Giles and Adam and Ruth. There was a lot of bad food, too, which was nice. He he.

I have been in a cleaning mood; I've pine-o-cleaned everything but the floor (which needs it the most, but the mop broke). I cooked a cake and biscuits, and made a little card for Zara, the newest neighborhood baby. We visitted her the other day. Tally tells me the labor was relatively easy and was less than 4 hours! Lucky her. That's what I'm going for next time, a quick and easy birth. Ü. She was 7lb 9, and has really cute chubby cheeks. I can tell already that she'll be teaching Byron how to make fertilizer bombs in the shed (Tally says all farm kids know how... lol) She just looks mischievous. he he.

Byron's weight was up to 4.2 kilos a week or so ago, which is 9lb 4. Yesterday he was “playing” with his toy dog. I sat it where he could reach, and he worked out how to move his hands to touch it. Then he kept grabbing at it to pull to his mouth, but he couldn't quite manage that! He was staring at it, and even smiling at it a bit. He he. He's smiling quite well, now, so long as he's comfortable and happy. Last night was another good night. The night before was a restless night. He cried for several hours, probably with colic, and finally went to sleep around 12 or 1 (when Nathan put him to bed). I got up two or three times, which is not bad, but the two nights before he had slept from his last feed (midnight or 1am) until I had to wake him up 6 hours later!! He's done that a few times over the weeks, but I have to admit, I thought that two days in a row might mean he'd start doing it more often. Oh well! Occasional good nights are better than none.

He's been mostly sleeping in his little chair all day. So cute.

I've been trying to look up that "baby whisperer" on the internet, to try and find out what different cries mean. I can hear the different cries, but I don't know what they mean. Oh well. He doesn't actually cry too much, so I'm lucky anyway. Ü

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Moody mama

My workmates wouldn't believe it if I told them, but I've been quite grumpy at times these last weeks! lol.

Well, the mood I'm in tends to directly reflect how much sleep I got the night before, so I'm feeling quite good today. Byron's had one feed since his morning one, and now he's just starting to cry again (now that I've got lunch in the microwave and I've turned on the computer... how does he know!? Lol) He's been snoozing all morning, though.

I've been out with him a bit lately, to the shops with the pram, and another time with the carrier. I also was going to walk around the lake with some other mums and bubs yesterday, but it was so wet we went and had hot chocolate instead. I'm going to start going round the lake with them and the babies each Wednesday. Byron seems to love the carrier and I find it really comfortable.

Well, the microwave's beeped (ages ago) and I'm typing one-handed again Ü much for playing on the internet for a while. At least I've seen "Heroes" taped from last night, and I had time for breaky and a shower before he cried again! lol. I've watched the entire 4 seasons of "Star Trek: Enterprise" these last 2 or 3 weeks... about 100 episodes! Kept me entertained while feeding Byron... until I got more addicted and watched them all avo... he he he. Hated the last one, though, but... well, what does a stupid hollodeck know about what really happened in the past?

Bit sad that I've run out. I'm back to reading "Harry Potter".

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


.He's 6 days old already, and I just can't seem to find the time even to check emails! So here's a quick update for anyone who checks this blog and doesn't already know...

Our little boy, Byron, was finally born, 8 days overdue, and after a 20-hour labor. All 3 of us are recovered and well, and adjusting to life as a slightly bigger but very different family. Nathan has gone back to work today, so Byron and I are living the quiet life today, and are just about to have a sleep... in fact, I think he's started without me...

The short story: I went in to see the midwives clinic, as I've been doing every Tuesday, being 6 days overdue. They found my blood pressure to be a little high, so they decided to keep me in hospital overnight for observation. Before long they had decided just to induce me and get it over with. lol.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep much, and labor started properly the next morning. I won't go into any details (so don't worry) but I will say that I ended up having an epidural drip at midnight, and Byron was born at 6:15am on Thursday, May 17. He weighed 3270 grams (which is 7lb, 3.5oz in the old measure) and was bruised all over his poor little face!

Nathan went home to catch up on some sleep, and I had a pretty nice sleep myself. After lunch he came back in and we rang all the relatives (except for Matt, who's phone was off or something, and Kelly, because we only had a $5 phone card). Nathan told all of them that there was a new baby, and he wasn't giving out any more details except in person! Gave me a laugh, and also enticed everyone in the family (but Kelly) to come in to visit us that day!

The only problem we ran into while in hospital was that Byron turned out to be rather more of a sleep-lover than a milk-lover. He refused to 'eat' quite a bit, and got a little dehydrated. But he was doing well enough to still go home on the 19th, after some checkup blood tests, and once he was home he started eating quite well. He had gone down to 3020g by Monday, and today he is back up to 3150. All good!

Today he got his first piece of mail... a huge box all the way from Auntie Kelly in America! So I decided that, if Kelly has already had time to post a parcel from California and put pictures of Byron on her blog, it was high time I sat down and wrote my own!

Now we're going to have a bit of a sleep...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still waiting... sigh.

I am actually getting a bit sick of sitting around on the couch all day, knitting, reading or playing polka. I don't really have the energy to do anything useful, or it's too awkward. I'm not sick of waiting for this baby to be born. I do feel a bit like everyone is impatient with me, though! People keep telling me to hurry up, as if I can do anything about it. lol.

Got a bunch of (neutral colored) 0000 clothes yesterday, which I bought from ebay. They are all as good as new, and I unpacked them and put them in the drawers. All cute! People say not to buy too many, but I got about 20 things for $24, and since they're neutral they'll do for future kids as well as this one. We've got a second hand cradle and pram, a brand new cot, the car seat in the car, the drawers full of clothes and the change table full of stuff. There are about 400 nappies in the cupboard (for 4-8 kilo "infants"), as they were a good price, and we bought a lamp and CD player for the bub's room. It's going to be sleeping in the parents' lounge for starters, which is next to our room.

We've also been letting the answering machine get all our phone calls. Saves me from having to say, "yes, I'm still here". It's a bit frustrating... feels like people are trying to find out if I might be in labor. It's bad enough that people at Nathan's work might know, if I have to call him there.

Well, I might go have some lunch, and then get back to either reading or polka. I'm reading the 4th HP book again (which is looking a tiny bit battered, now!). I should be finished it by now, but I keep falling asleep on the couch or something silly. The other day I had to take the car to be fixed, because stones from a resurfaced road had broken a headlight. I picked a servo right near the mall, and then I sat in Starbucks for 2 hours, reading "Goblet of Fire" on a soft leather couch in front of their fireplace. Very comfortable! Had a sausage roll for lunch and two of their hot chocolates. Nathan's idea! He didn't want me to be uncomfortable walking around the street. As it was, the car wasn't ready at 2, so I spent a while walking around in Lincraft anyway. I've also been playing "Texas Hold'em" online with Nathan's xbox. I like playing the free games and winning him a bit of (pretend) money (as I have to play on his profile). Think I've won him about $10,000 so far, like a good little wife. he he.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


he he.

I haven't really got anything to whinge about, being on holidays and about to get a new bub to play with and all. But life is a little bit dull.

There are things I could do with all this time I have, but I don't have the energy. I can't be bothered walking around the shops, and I don't really want to spend the money or use the petrol. The garden could use a good weeding, but I have "bending down" issues at present. I couldn't be bothered dragging out craft stuff. The one thing that is out (the jumper I'm knitting) is frustrating me, because after finishing it with a fancy edge, I found that it makes the edge (along the bottom of my jumper) stick straight out horizontally, so I'm going to have to cut that off and try again. Sigh. Oh well; no hurry, I guess, as it will be a bit tight for the next month.

Pregnancy forums are entertaining places to go on the internet. If you're having a comparatively good pregnancy, as mine seems to be, everyone else's complaints make you feel much better about your niggling little complaints. They do go on about "do's and don'ts" a lot, though. I decided at the beginning to only listen to my doctor's advice, and to politely listen (and then ignore) everyone else's. he he. My doctor is pretty down-to-earth. His advice was

Try to avoid soft cheeses and salami and food that looks dodgy.
Don't have long boiling baths or sit in the sauna all day.
Nothing in excess. Just use your common sense.
Try not to worry too much.

Well, he didn't say "dodgy" but that was the gist.

People give you weird advice. Don't touch valium tablets. Don't eat salty food. Don't eat flake or salad. Don't put your feet up. Don't put your arms up. Sigh. I had a milo at work once and got a lecture about weight gain. Ü Actually, I kind of enjoy ignoring people's advice. He he.

My stomach is sticking out much more, now, though I still get the odd comment about looking "compact". Funny word to use, and doesn't seem at all right to me. I have trouble putting on socks. I've been trying to do a regular bit of exercise, in preparation (kind of) for doing more after the baby is born. I usually just walk 1km on my treadmill. By 700 or 800m my stomach aches, no matter how slow I go. So I'm feeling a bit whaley. lol.

I never was a good sleeper, so it's not bothering me to get up a few times a night, and I don't imagine it will bother me to get up for the baby, either. I sleep really lightly, and usually wake up many times, turn over and go back to sleep. The actual getting up is a bit tricky now! And by the end of the night I have sore hips and/or back, so I can't be bothered trying to sleep in. My back has been surprisingly good, though. It aches a fair bit if I do a lot of walking around, like if I wander the shops or do a lot of cleaning. But if I do the usual (sitting down all day Ü) it feels fine. All the bones in my pelvis feel a bit stretched, which is normal, and the tight skin on the front of my tummy feels stretched at times. That's about it.

No reason to whinge, really. I'm just getting a bit sick of being pregnant. Feels like I've been pregnant for a year and a half. I'm sick of talking to people about it. I'm sick of seeing all the baby stuff around our place being unused. I've sorted and resorted the baby clothes. I'm tired of trying to find something to do while I wait and wait...

4 weeks to go today! I hope it will be a bit early rather than late.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Holidays again

I am lazy, aren't I? My sister is writing every week, and I haven't written in my blog for over a month! Of course, her life is a bit more exciting at the moment: new country, new job, new family, other side of the world and all that... And me? I'm on holidays again, with no plans to work until at least the end of the year.


I finished last Sunday, and in the 4 weeks I worked the boss gave me 10 late shifts on my favorite familiar ward. So it was only 2 or 3 days a week, and I only had 2-in-a-row once. Some of the shifts were quite busy, and some I came home from sweaty and sticky and stressed and aching. But I do love my old ward!

We also finished the 4 baby classes. It was good to go, and I learned a few things. But most of it is just common sense, so by the end I was happy to give up the inconvenience of sitting in the heat on uncomfortable chairs for 2 hours.

We've got all the baby stuff sorted out, I think. I'll probably need a few more fat clothes soon, but there's no point buying them yet. We bought a cot and a baby seat: just about the only new things we have bought! Nathan's mum bought us a change-table/bath, which I love! It's great because it matches the room it's in (being blue and green) and it has lots of shelves for all the little nappies and creams and lotions and ... well, it's covered in baby paraphernalia. But it took me 2 days to put it together!! "Self" tapping screws...Hmm! Gran gave us a Baby Bjorn carrier, which I pulled out of the box yesterday and worked out. It seems simple enough. My Auntie Sandie gave us her old pram, which is nice (for a second-hand pram). Steers really easily. I took it out on the grass and gave it a good scrubbing!

My nieces have both had birthdays. One was 2 and one was 7. I bought the 2 year old drawing stuff and stickers, which kept her amused for a while. She's very cute! I bought the 7-year-old a new tamagotchi (as the other was broken) and I bought myself one, too, as she wanted, so they could be "friends". My tamagotchi, Fred, was dead in 2 days. Lol! I accidently left him at Mum and Dad's place. Mum assures me that if I do that with the baby, they will look after it until I remember! Now I have Freda, and she's still alive so far Ü

Monday, February 12, 2007

Up early again

I'm getting sick of trying to find something to do in the middle of the night! It's about 4:15, and I've been up since 1 or so, as I was sick of lying in bed.

Of course, at 3pm yesterday I was falling asleep at the computer, so I had to go to bed. Silly screwy sleep patterns. Bet they fix themselves just as the baby is born...

I sat down a few weeks back and made a baby list. I went through the magazine that Ruth gave me ages ago and wrote down all the things I thought I needed, and put it on the computer, so I could tick off things as I got them (and hopefully not forget something vital like a baby car seat!) Then it was too hard to resist the temptation to cross off a few things! So I did a little shopping in the baby aisle of Big W. I just got creams and lotions and baby wraps and stuff.

The most annoying thing about knowing the sex of the baby is that it doesn't really help anyone. In particular, I can't go to the mall and buy all those cute boy's/girl's clothes that I like, in case someone I know sees me at the checkout and guesses. Auntie Sandie suggested going out of town to shop... like the Pumpkin Patch factory outlet in Melbourne. lol! Good idea, though PP is probably still too expensive that way.

I had to restrain myself because I knew I had a baby shower coming up. Now that was fun! It was last Saturday, and there were actually a few people there. (I wondered if anyone would come Ü) We played a few little games (fun and nothing silly or embarrassing) and ate quite a bit of rubbish. He he. And there were presents!! I know it's kind of traditional to take a gift to a baby shower, but I was thinking that (if anything) they'd be small presents like a little toy teddy or a little all-in-one suit. Instead I went home with bags and bags of stuff, plus some borrowed stuff, plus a big plate of Mum's slices! Couldn't get over how nice everyone was!

Nathan and I had our first antenatal class last Monday. We're going again tonight. The class was ok, though we had to sit on uncomfortable chairs for 2 hours. The midwife talked about normal labor and what to expect, when to come in to hospital, etc. She said that it's normally about 12-14 hours from the time that contractions are 10 minutes apart, and that all contractions are quite painful. Sigh. I had the idea that they only got painful near the end, and mostly just because the muscles were so tired. I hope she was exaggerating. I mentioned this unhappy info at the baby shower, and everyone started telling stories about how it's not always that long, and certainly not that bad, which made me feel a bit better. Of course, I don't suppose I'll trust what that midwife says again, but I'd rather believe my friends, thanks!

Auntie Sandie is giving us her pram and a bag (to cart around all those spare nappies and toys), which is extremely good of her! Simon and Esther offered one of their two prams, but Esther is still using them both, and Nathan was keen to have our stuff organized. Plus, Auntie Sandie's is probably in better nick. And it means she will come and visit me when she brings it down Ü. Favorite auntie. She used to spoil us good!

I can see the baby kicks now! Nathan hasn't... every time he looks or tries to feel a kick, that naughty little thing stops kicking! Probably thinks it's funny. We have been trying to come up with some names, but it is difficult. We don't seem to like anything the same!! Poor kid will have to choose its own name when it's old enough to decide.

Nathan's mum asked (at the baby shower), "So, are you choosing boys' or girls' names?" lol. I told her both (as we are) and that she wasn't very subtle. She just laughed... and then promised Esther that she'd let her know if she ever found out! Next time we're not going to find out the sex and it will be much less stressful! It's difficult not to say "he" or "she" sometimes. A girl at work is convinced that it's a boy because she thinks she heard me say "he"! (I muttered something like "Stop that..." and then explained to her " kicking me". She thought I said "He's kicking me.") Anyway, opinions are pretty much 50/50 and vary depending on all the "old wives' tales" that they know of. Ü

I've had one bank shift on 4 South and have 2 more booked this week. All afternoon shifts, thankfully. It was good to be back. I do love nursing!

Well, I'd better get back to bed and try and get 3 more hours of sleep. Nathan and I are leaving at 8:30 (he says) to go looking for cots and car seats. It will be fun, though I'd prefer to be awake if possible.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Month off

I went in to the midwives clinic at the start of the month, and the midwife said my stomach measurement was 27cm instead of 22, and that I should see the doctor there in a fortnight. I came back in on the 17th and saw the doctor. She said she thought my stomach was only 25cm on that visit (instead of 24) which was fine. But I don't think she knew what she was doing... She listened to my tummy with the ultrasound machine for all of 10 seconds... to MY pulse instead of the baby's - lol - and that was it. Anyway, all's well, so I'm back to the midwives clinic in another month after a blood test to see if I have gestational diabetes.

While I was in the hospital I thought I'd visit the staff on my old ward, so I went in to say hi. I'm a bit sick of people saying I don't look very pregnant yet, or I haven't got much of a tummy yet. That just means I look heavier, rather than heavier for a reason! Sigh. I mean, I'm obviously a bit fatter, but I'd like it to be obvious that I was pregnant, not just fat.

Shouldn't complain, I guess. Next time I'll have triplets, and I'll look like I'm about to bust for the last 5 months, and I'll get sick of people saying, "Haven't you had them yet!?"

Anyway, the boss told me that she'd tried to look me up on the bank list (on her computer) to give me a shift, but I wasn't on the list. I thought, "That's odd; I've been calling regularly to give them my availability. You think they'd let me know if I wasn't on the list..." So I went to the office to see about this little anomaly in person.

My plan was to have my week off work, including Christmas and our camping trip and then go back on the bank list at the start of the year. But I haven't had one single call since, which is a bit unusual. So the boss of the nurse bank looked me up and said, "Oh, it says you're terminated..." After a bit of looking into it (and a few more days of waiting) I found out from HR that I wasn't terminated (as in "sacked") but that when I resigned from my limitted tenure job, someone resigned me from the hospital instead. Someone filled in the wrong form, she said, though I'd written on my letter that I planned to continue on the bank.

Now I'm waiting for her to call me back to let me know if she can just change it back or if I have to reapply again. She was supposed to call on Friday, and when I rang on Saturday and left a message noone called me back. It's a bit frustrating. By the time they work it out I'll be too fat (hopefully Ü) to work...

Oh, well. I can't actually bring myself to be too cross about having 4 weeks off. I'm just a little annoyed, as my few days a week of wages was going to be useful. I've been finishing off some knitting instead.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Rain Rain

In the last half an hour (and it was no more, because I timed it) we had more rain bucketting down than I think we've had all year! Our drains were overflowing, the downpipes were squirting water out of the joint a foot off the ground, and the water flow was washing gravel off the driveway in rivers. Sometimes it was hailing at the same time, 2-3mm hailstones. We have an aggie pipe across the north side of the house to drain running water aside from the slab, but it was overloaded, and the water was 10cm deep against our house, according to the watermark on a bucket there. Luckily our slab is a fair bit higher than that (thanks to council termite regulations).

Nathan said we should check the guinea pigs, and I put on my raincoat (!!) and checked Poppy and the babies in the box in the Mt Cobaya hutch... poor things were drenched, running around in at least 2cm of water (up the shallow end), and unable to get out because the doorway was tilted down, and therefore flooded nearly to the top in that spot! Nathan hoisted it up onto a flat spot on the hill. All the other ones were ok, though the boys were a bit wet. Guess they were caught outside unexpected. Plus, I must have forgotten to fasten down the roof on one of the hutches; it was blown 10 meteres away.

All the land around us was in puddles. Bizarre! This morning Nathan was hoisting buckets of spa water outside to water his little sequoias, and now the whole place looked drowned. Mind you, when Nathan was moving the guinea pig box he scraped the dirt, and it was dry a centimeter below the surface! But that will soak in a bit.

The annoying thing is that I won't have to water my vege patch (with the new watering system Nathan built me) for a few days! Every day since he finished it it's rained! lol.