Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still waiting... sigh.

I am actually getting a bit sick of sitting around on the couch all day, knitting, reading or playing polka. I don't really have the energy to do anything useful, or it's too awkward. I'm not sick of waiting for this baby to be born. I do feel a bit like everyone is impatient with me, though! People keep telling me to hurry up, as if I can do anything about it. lol.

Got a bunch of (neutral colored) 0000 clothes yesterday, which I bought from ebay. They are all as good as new, and I unpacked them and put them in the drawers. All cute! People say not to buy too many, but I got about 20 things for $24, and since they're neutral they'll do for future kids as well as this one. We've got a second hand cradle and pram, a brand new cot, the car seat in the car, the drawers full of clothes and the change table full of stuff. There are about 400 nappies in the cupboard (for 4-8 kilo "infants"), as they were a good price, and we bought a lamp and CD player for the bub's room. It's going to be sleeping in the parents' lounge for starters, which is next to our room.

We've also been letting the answering machine get all our phone calls. Saves me from having to say, "yes, I'm still here". It's a bit frustrating... feels like people are trying to find out if I might be in labor. It's bad enough that people at Nathan's work might know, if I have to call him there.

Well, I might go have some lunch, and then get back to either reading or polka. I'm reading the 4th HP book again (which is looking a tiny bit battered, now!). I should be finished it by now, but I keep falling asleep on the couch or something silly. The other day I had to take the car to be fixed, because stones from a resurfaced road had broken a headlight. I picked a servo right near the mall, and then I sat in Starbucks for 2 hours, reading "Goblet of Fire" on a soft leather couch in front of their fireplace. Very comfortable! Had a sausage roll for lunch and two of their hot chocolates. Nathan's idea! He didn't want me to be uncomfortable walking around the street. As it was, the car wasn't ready at 2, so I spent a while walking around in Lincraft anyway. I've also been playing "Texas Hold'em" online with Nathan's xbox. I like playing the free games and winning him a bit of (pretend) money (as I have to play on his profile). Think I've won him about $10,000 so far, like a good little wife. he he.

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kelgell said...

very cool. But I've just heard you had your little boy and can now hold him in your arms or give him to his dad to hold. How wonderful! Hi Byron!!