Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

After a long week and a particularly stressful last day (!!) I'm having the weekend off. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which is particularly nice (as I mostly do work on the weekend) and especially so, since this is the Easter Weekend.

I finished reading "Persuasion" in bed this morning (eating Nacho shapes and Chilly Philly), then got up, cut up an old tablecloth and did some patchwork, played "Urbz in the city" for a while, and put on some music via the x-box. So it's been a bludge!

I did put washing on, fill the dishwasher and clean the kitchen... a bit. So I don't feel guilty. Except about eating 2/3 of a whole Chilly Philly.

Nathan is cooking me tea (!!) - pasta ;/ ...

Last night we invited friends to the 'Service of the Shadows' - a church service about the death of Jesus. It was really quite well-prepared. I wondered what they thought of it (as they're not regular church-goers) but they seemed to... not mind it. Afterwards we all came back to our place and played Halo 2 and ate pizza ;)

And so I was unstressed. It occurred to me as we were waiting (1hr40min) for the pizza that I'd missed breakfast, lunch and dinner! Haven't done that for a while! I won our 'plasma sword' game, which is probably because it's a 'quick-trigger' type of game and I had a lot of pent-up negative energy!!

I'm looking forward to Sunday. We're having tea with Nate's family, and I can't wait to see Sarah. I've seen her twice... the day and the day after she was born. I can't believe Nathan hasn't suggested to go and visit her in this whole last month! He did when Sarah's older brother was a baby. Maybe girls are not that interesting to boys. Or maybe he finds babies boring and just didn't realize it until Michael!

Tonight we play the next level on our Halo Cooperative game (legendary). Should be fun.

I'd better go check on the pasta, which is cooking alone as Nate has a shower. [sigh] ;)

Monday, March 21, 2005


Welcome to my blog!

I picked my blog name (Alrischa) after the alpha star of the constellation Pisces. I like Astronomy! I don't believe in astrology at all, of course, but technically I'm a Pisces. Of course, that means nothing, but I think it's funny that astrologists fuss over which star sign one is born under... when they've got all the dates wrong! My birthday (April 2)falls 'officially' under Ares. But, according to my Starry Night software, the sun was in Pisces when I was born. So there you go. Precession happens.

Starry Night also tells me that it's "Alrescha" but that name was taken, so I went for one of the (many) alternate spellings. It means "ropes".

I live out of town in a 'house of sticks' my hubby and I built on our 5 acre block. We moved in 7 months ago. Our driveway is finally done (before the Muddy Season! Phew!) and our front fence is next. Don't ever build a house. It's hard!!!

I have 6 guinea pigs (currently) named Mocha, Pirate, Heidi, Winky, Scratchy and 'baby'. 'Baby' was born on March 14, and remains nameless. I need my oldest niece to visit... it takes her 3 seconds to think of a name.

I have no kids. Not yet. I want a boy called Joshua Nathan, as I dreamed I was pregnant with him more than 10 years ago. Nate doesn't like the name. Not yet! I like a lot of girl's names, so I'll have to pick my favorite at the time.

Before we have kids we need to pay a bit more off our mortgage. It's just easier with two full-time jobs. But my job is making me very tired lately! Today was so busy... I would have a bath, but I don't have a book to read. I just read all my Harry Potter books for the 5th time, so it seems a bit silly to start them again. Don't feel like reading anything else. Can't have a bath without a book, though; that would be boring!

Okay, the bath is running and I'm reading Persuasion.