Sunday, January 21, 2007

Month off

I went in to the midwives clinic at the start of the month, and the midwife said my stomach measurement was 27cm instead of 22, and that I should see the doctor there in a fortnight. I came back in on the 17th and saw the doctor. She said she thought my stomach was only 25cm on that visit (instead of 24) which was fine. But I don't think she knew what she was doing... She listened to my tummy with the ultrasound machine for all of 10 seconds... to MY pulse instead of the baby's - lol - and that was it. Anyway, all's well, so I'm back to the midwives clinic in another month after a blood test to see if I have gestational diabetes.

While I was in the hospital I thought I'd visit the staff on my old ward, so I went in to say hi. I'm a bit sick of people saying I don't look very pregnant yet, or I haven't got much of a tummy yet. That just means I look heavier, rather than heavier for a reason! Sigh. I mean, I'm obviously a bit fatter, but I'd like it to be obvious that I was pregnant, not just fat.

Shouldn't complain, I guess. Next time I'll have triplets, and I'll look like I'm about to bust for the last 5 months, and I'll get sick of people saying, "Haven't you had them yet!?"

Anyway, the boss told me that she'd tried to look me up on the bank list (on her computer) to give me a shift, but I wasn't on the list. I thought, "That's odd; I've been calling regularly to give them my availability. You think they'd let me know if I wasn't on the list..." So I went to the office to see about this little anomaly in person.

My plan was to have my week off work, including Christmas and our camping trip and then go back on the bank list at the start of the year. But I haven't had one single call since, which is a bit unusual. So the boss of the nurse bank looked me up and said, "Oh, it says you're terminated..." After a bit of looking into it (and a few more days of waiting) I found out from HR that I wasn't terminated (as in "sacked") but that when I resigned from my limitted tenure job, someone resigned me from the hospital instead. Someone filled in the wrong form, she said, though I'd written on my letter that I planned to continue on the bank.

Now I'm waiting for her to call me back to let me know if she can just change it back or if I have to reapply again. She was supposed to call on Friday, and when I rang on Saturday and left a message noone called me back. It's a bit frustrating. By the time they work it out I'll be too fat (hopefully Ü) to work...

Oh, well. I can't actually bring myself to be too cross about having 4 weeks off. I'm just a little annoyed, as my few days a week of wages was going to be useful. I've been finishing off some knitting instead.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Rain Rain

In the last half an hour (and it was no more, because I timed it) we had more rain bucketting down than I think we've had all year! Our drains were overflowing, the downpipes were squirting water out of the joint a foot off the ground, and the water flow was washing gravel off the driveway in rivers. Sometimes it was hailing at the same time, 2-3mm hailstones. We have an aggie pipe across the north side of the house to drain running water aside from the slab, but it was overloaded, and the water was 10cm deep against our house, according to the watermark on a bucket there. Luckily our slab is a fair bit higher than that (thanks to council termite regulations).

Nathan said we should check the guinea pigs, and I put on my raincoat (!!) and checked Poppy and the babies in the box in the Mt Cobaya hutch... poor things were drenched, running around in at least 2cm of water (up the shallow end), and unable to get out because the doorway was tilted down, and therefore flooded nearly to the top in that spot! Nathan hoisted it up onto a flat spot on the hill. All the other ones were ok, though the boys were a bit wet. Guess they were caught outside unexpected. Plus, I must have forgotten to fasten down the roof on one of the hutches; it was blown 10 meteres away.

All the land around us was in puddles. Bizarre! This morning Nathan was hoisting buckets of spa water outside to water his little sequoias, and now the whole place looked drowned. Mind you, when Nathan was moving the guinea pig box he scraped the dirt, and it was dry a centimeter below the surface! But that will soak in a bit.

The annoying thing is that I won't have to water my vege patch (with the new watering system Nathan built me) for a few days! Every day since he finished it it's rained! lol.