Wednesday, April 11, 2007


he he.

I haven't really got anything to whinge about, being on holidays and about to get a new bub to play with and all. But life is a little bit dull.

There are things I could do with all this time I have, but I don't have the energy. I can't be bothered walking around the shops, and I don't really want to spend the money or use the petrol. The garden could use a good weeding, but I have "bending down" issues at present. I couldn't be bothered dragging out craft stuff. The one thing that is out (the jumper I'm knitting) is frustrating me, because after finishing it with a fancy edge, I found that it makes the edge (along the bottom of my jumper) stick straight out horizontally, so I'm going to have to cut that off and try again. Sigh. Oh well; no hurry, I guess, as it will be a bit tight for the next month.

Pregnancy forums are entertaining places to go on the internet. If you're having a comparatively good pregnancy, as mine seems to be, everyone else's complaints make you feel much better about your niggling little complaints. They do go on about "do's and don'ts" a lot, though. I decided at the beginning to only listen to my doctor's advice, and to politely listen (and then ignore) everyone else's. he he. My doctor is pretty down-to-earth. His advice was

Try to avoid soft cheeses and salami and food that looks dodgy.
Don't have long boiling baths or sit in the sauna all day.
Nothing in excess. Just use your common sense.
Try not to worry too much.

Well, he didn't say "dodgy" but that was the gist.

People give you weird advice. Don't touch valium tablets. Don't eat salty food. Don't eat flake or salad. Don't put your feet up. Don't put your arms up. Sigh. I had a milo at work once and got a lecture about weight gain. Ü Actually, I kind of enjoy ignoring people's advice. He he.

My stomach is sticking out much more, now, though I still get the odd comment about looking "compact". Funny word to use, and doesn't seem at all right to me. I have trouble putting on socks. I've been trying to do a regular bit of exercise, in preparation (kind of) for doing more after the baby is born. I usually just walk 1km on my treadmill. By 700 or 800m my stomach aches, no matter how slow I go. So I'm feeling a bit whaley. lol.

I never was a good sleeper, so it's not bothering me to get up a few times a night, and I don't imagine it will bother me to get up for the baby, either. I sleep really lightly, and usually wake up many times, turn over and go back to sleep. The actual getting up is a bit tricky now! And by the end of the night I have sore hips and/or back, so I can't be bothered trying to sleep in. My back has been surprisingly good, though. It aches a fair bit if I do a lot of walking around, like if I wander the shops or do a lot of cleaning. But if I do the usual (sitting down all day Ü) it feels fine. All the bones in my pelvis feel a bit stretched, which is normal, and the tight skin on the front of my tummy feels stretched at times. That's about it.

No reason to whinge, really. I'm just getting a bit sick of being pregnant. Feels like I've been pregnant for a year and a half. I'm sick of talking to people about it. I'm sick of seeing all the baby stuff around our place being unused. I've sorted and resorted the baby clothes. I'm tired of trying to find something to do while I wait and wait...

4 weeks to go today! I hope it will be a bit early rather than late.