Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I've been out with Byron a bit lately, to Wendouree Village with the pram, to central square with the carrier, to church a few times, to a few First Birthday parties. I also was going to walk around the lake with Esther, Ruth and Hannah, but it's been canceled three times. But I'm going to start going round the lake with them and the babies each week. Byron seems to love the carrier and I find it really comfortable.

Nathan and I took Byron to get his photo taken professionally. The photographer had obviously photographed kids quite a lot, because he coaxed a few cute smiles out of him. Now that Byron is 6 weeks old (last Thursday) he has been smiling quite a bit, but the photographer was impressed with how responsive and alert he was, and how easily he got him to smile. Well, that's what he said... I guess it doesn't do to tell paying customers that their child isn't as advanced as other children he sees... LOL! Afterwards we went to Macdonald's (while the photographer organized a preview page for us) and then Nathan picked up the A4 page (with 'thumbnails' of our photos; we get two free) and we drove to Simon and Esther's. We were only going to stay a short time, but Byron was really quite relaxed, so we stayed for quite a while, playing Dutch Blitz with Hannah and Giles and Adam and Ruth. There was a lot of bad food, too, which was nice. He he.

I have been in a cleaning mood; I've pine-o-cleaned everything but the floor (which needs it the most, but the mop broke). I cooked a cake and biscuits, and made a little card for Zara, the newest neighborhood baby. We visitted her the other day. Tally tells me the labor was relatively easy and was less than 4 hours! Lucky her. That's what I'm going for next time, a quick and easy birth. Ü. She was 7lb 9, and has really cute chubby cheeks. I can tell already that she'll be teaching Byron how to make fertilizer bombs in the shed (Tally says all farm kids know how... lol) She just looks mischievous. he he.

Byron's weight was up to 4.2 kilos a week or so ago, which is 9lb 4. Yesterday he was “playing” with his toy dog. I sat it where he could reach, and he worked out how to move his hands to touch it. Then he kept grabbing at it to pull to his mouth, but he couldn't quite manage that! He was staring at it, and even smiling at it a bit. He he. He's smiling quite well, now, so long as he's comfortable and happy. Last night was another good night. The night before was a restless night. He cried for several hours, probably with colic, and finally went to sleep around 12 or 1 (when Nathan put him to bed). I got up two or three times, which is not bad, but the two nights before he had slept from his last feed (midnight or 1am) until I had to wake him up 6 hours later!! He's done that a few times over the weeks, but I have to admit, I thought that two days in a row might mean he'd start doing it more often. Oh well! Occasional good nights are better than none.

He's been mostly sleeping in his little chair all day. So cute.

I've been trying to look up that "baby whisperer" on the internet, to try and find out what different cries mean. I can hear the different cries, but I don't know what they mean. Oh well. He doesn't actually cry too much, so I'm lucky anyway. Ü


Charlie said...

You're amazing Tam-Bam! My place needs a bit of pino-cleaning (hint hint).

Byron's cheeky little smile melted my heart the other night! :)

Not sure if it's helpful, but here's those different baby sounds they make just as they start to cry (uh.. from memory):

Neh - hungry
Eh - need to burp, windy
Heh - uncomfortable (eg. hot / wet)
Ow - tired (like a yawny cry)

Oh, I can't remember the other one. Will get back to you if I think of it. I think the lady calls herself 'Baby Listener'.

kelgell said...

Ohhhh, it sounds like fun!! I wish I could be a part of it. Guess I'll just have to wait...