Thursday, June 21, 2007

Moody mama

My workmates wouldn't believe it if I told them, but I've been quite grumpy at times these last weeks! lol.

Well, the mood I'm in tends to directly reflect how much sleep I got the night before, so I'm feeling quite good today. Byron's had one feed since his morning one, and now he's just starting to cry again (now that I've got lunch in the microwave and I've turned on the computer... how does he know!? Lol) He's been snoozing all morning, though.

I've been out with him a bit lately, to the shops with the pram, and another time with the carrier. I also was going to walk around the lake with some other mums and bubs yesterday, but it was so wet we went and had hot chocolate instead. I'm going to start going round the lake with them and the babies each Wednesday. Byron seems to love the carrier and I find it really comfortable.

Well, the microwave's beeped (ages ago) and I'm typing one-handed again Ü much for playing on the internet for a while. At least I've seen "Heroes" taped from last night, and I had time for breaky and a shower before he cried again! lol. I've watched the entire 4 seasons of "Star Trek: Enterprise" these last 2 or 3 weeks... about 100 episodes! Kept me entertained while feeding Byron... until I got more addicted and watched them all avo... he he he. Hated the last one, though, but... well, what does a stupid hollodeck know about what really happened in the past?

Bit sad that I've run out. I'm back to reading "Harry Potter".

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Charlie said...

Grumpy TamBam??? It is hard to believe. But easy to understand! :)