Sunday, March 18, 2007

Holidays again

I am lazy, aren't I? My sister is writing every week, and I haven't written in my blog for over a month! Of course, her life is a bit more exciting at the moment: new country, new job, new family, other side of the world and all that... And me? I'm on holidays again, with no plans to work until at least the end of the year.


I finished last Sunday, and in the 4 weeks I worked the boss gave me 10 late shifts on my favorite familiar ward. So it was only 2 or 3 days a week, and I only had 2-in-a-row once. Some of the shifts were quite busy, and some I came home from sweaty and sticky and stressed and aching. But I do love my old ward!

We also finished the 4 baby classes. It was good to go, and I learned a few things. But most of it is just common sense, so by the end I was happy to give up the inconvenience of sitting in the heat on uncomfortable chairs for 2 hours.

We've got all the baby stuff sorted out, I think. I'll probably need a few more fat clothes soon, but there's no point buying them yet. We bought a cot and a baby seat: just about the only new things we have bought! Nathan's mum bought us a change-table/bath, which I love! It's great because it matches the room it's in (being blue and green) and it has lots of shelves for all the little nappies and creams and lotions and ... well, it's covered in baby paraphernalia. But it took me 2 days to put it together!! "Self" tapping screws...Hmm! Gran gave us a Baby Bjorn carrier, which I pulled out of the box yesterday and worked out. It seems simple enough. My Auntie Sandie gave us her old pram, which is nice (for a second-hand pram). Steers really easily. I took it out on the grass and gave it a good scrubbing!

My nieces have both had birthdays. One was 2 and one was 7. I bought the 2 year old drawing stuff and stickers, which kept her amused for a while. She's very cute! I bought the 7-year-old a new tamagotchi (as the other was broken) and I bought myself one, too, as she wanted, so they could be "friends". My tamagotchi, Fred, was dead in 2 days. Lol! I accidently left him at Mum and Dad's place. Mum assures me that if I do that with the baby, they will look after it until I remember! Now I have Freda, and she's still alive so far Ü


Esther said...

Thanks for the reminder. I just had to hunt around and find Abby's tamagotchi. I promised I'd care for it while she's at school. It was VERY hungry, and VERY sad, but it's all better now.

Alrischa said...

Actually I nearly killed "Freda" one day. Forgot all about her until I heard it beeping at about 8pm. lol. Lucky that babies cry Ü

Alrischa said...
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Anonymous said...

I probably should blog too, but I think I'd probably blog as often as Mat.

kelgell said...

Ah, when you have your baby you'll probably have more to blog about. Then it will be about having time.

Charlie said...

Aren't those chairs in the antenatel clinic 'orrible!!! Used to dread the classes for that reason alone. And poor Ads with his bad back!

Congratulations - now you are now sufficiently educated and officially ready to have a baby!

Tristana said...

Keep up the good work.