Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jelly Bean Babe

I'm pregnant! Yay!

For our 7th Anniversary, Nathan and I went to the GP for our first pregnancy checkup. We're about 8 weeks pregnant, and he says everything seems good. So we decided we may as well tell everyone. It's traditional to wait until 12 weeks, I think, but I wanted to make sure the families knew first.

Technically my doctor was the first person we told, and the pathology ladies probably guessed what my blood test was about. But if I'm not seen going to the antenatal clinic by someone I knew, the blood bank nurses will soon be onto me anyway. I go to the blood bank every two weeks, and they must be getting suspicious that I have now missed 8 weeks, particularly as I'm up to 97 donations...

So Nathan and I sat at the kitchen table and rang the parents and siblings. We couldn't reach Seona, but we told all the others. I rang Seona the next day. We'd decided that if we told family we may as well tell everyone, so we said that it wasn't a secret. The next day at work a woman I hadn't seen for over a year congratulated me... she'd heard on the Mum-line! I kind of wished then that I'd said "wait a couple of days" because I haven't gotten around to telling some of my good friends yet, but oh well! It's nice to have good gossip about you being spread around!

I visitted my parents place yesterday, and soon after Esther and Abby arrived. Abby (6) was prompted to tell me that I should have a baby, so I could say "Guess what? I am having a baby!". She was stoked, but only if it's a girl... he he. I think there are enough boys in her life! I told the kids that the baby was as little as a jelly bean, which they thought was bizarre, and that it wouldn't be born until May. Abby asked me to ring her when the baby is born; I don't think she can comprehend "next May" and assumes it will be about two weeks or so! Unluckily for Abby, I've been thinking of the baby as "he". I certainly don't mind whether it's a boy or girl, though. Nathan would still like triplets... lol.

Well, I'm keeping pretty well. I've been really, really tired, especially after work, which is worrisome, because Brooke, my 3rd year student/slave, has been doing all my work for the last 5 shifts. What will I do when she goes? I've also been nauseous every day since about 6 weeks. Just a little tiny bit nauseous; not enough to have a sicky but enough to annoy me. I tend not to feel like eating anything, and then when I get hungry, I feel rotten, and have to make myself eat something. I like cold toast.

Nathan's started doing housework as well as all his outside jobs, which makes me feel like such a slacker! I've been falling asleep on the couch, which I rarely ever did before, so he knows I'm not making it up. He he. He's looking after me well.


Tab said...

Thats unreal! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

*does a little dance on the table*

kelgell said...

Yay! Congratulations!

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