Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Tready

My new little treadmill was pretty good value for money, I've decided, after the first day. The first day was a bit of a trial.

First the delivery van pulled up with a 120kg box in the back. The lone delivery guy says to me, “Well, we put it in the truck with a forklift; I'm not sure how we're going to get it out...” Well, gee, what was he expecting me to do about it? Get my forklift out of the garage? Talk about thinking ahead! In the end I had to help him wrangle it inside. Luckily it was only going a few meters from the front door.

Then he left, and I had to try and get all the bits out of the box. Or rather, get the box out from under the machine, as I certainly couldn't lift it out. Then I realized that I had about 10 bits and about 20 bolts and washers with absolutely no assembly instructions. And it looked nothing like the one I'd ordered. Sigh! After a few hours of studying the picture, I worked out how it should go. I was so proud of myself! Then I realized that there was supposed to be a cord going through one of the bars from top to bottom... I was going to have to pull everything apart again to do it!

I gave up and went shopping for a bit, and later on Nathan gave me a hand to finish it. What a good hubby! The instruction book was not written by someone who speaks English well, but it's a pretty easy machine to figure out.

I've got it set up near the TV. I "walked around the lake" while watching "The Matrix". I walked about 7km while reading a chunk of "Where the Heart is". I tried a set program which included a 5-minute run that almost did me in. I've done quite a few k in my socks, and now I'm having a few days off because I have blisters! lol.

Work has been really tiring, especially since I just can't seem to go to sleep. How I manage on 4 hours a night for a week I don't know; my theory is that the sleep I do get is concentrated REM. I do seem to have a lot of vivid dreams. Luckily we have students to do all our work for us!

No, I'm over students this week. I appreciate their help and all, but I just can't get my day organized when I have to let them do everything. Their teacher says, "let them do it all and try not to help them; just answer their questions and supervise." But they're a bit frustrating.

My virtual trip is up to 1791km, so I'm still in the middle of the dullest patch of road in Australia. The WA border is coming up in about 60km, I think. I don't even think there are any houses here! I've done a fair bit of exercise since my last blog, but it takes much longer to walk than ride.

Now I'm off to watch a movie and knit!

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