Saturday, October 14, 2006

More work

Just as I'm getting near the end of my contract, Jackie said she's trying to get me 2 weeks' more work. I have to appreciate it, but more truthfully, I was looking forward to working a bit less. Plus, just as I finish the hospital accreditors are coming; they roam around asking questions and checking up on us, and I was hoping to avoid working that week! Never mind! At least I'll be on my favorite ward instead of being hassled by the bank coordinator to work in some ward I'm unfamiliar with.

I'd say my nausea has settled down quite a bit, but it keeps popping up. It's not so constant, now, just comes and goes. I was dry retching as I drove to work the other day (great timing; too late to call in sick!), though I felt fine once I got there. Today I feel crook, too, though I'm banking on it not lasting... I'm going to work at 1pm.

I did a bit more walking on the treadmill, and then it petered off again. Stupid nausea. Plus I've been tired, still. Got home from work yesterday and went to bed at 4-ish. It's supposed to settle down in the second trimester, which is apparently "week 13". I'm currently week 10, so I might be lucky and feel better in a few weeks.

Anyway, I'm glad everything's going well, especially since everyone knows now!

At the moment, I'm waiting for my friends Adam and Ruth to have their first baby. I'm sure he'll be very cute! In my Sims game they had a son called Joseph, who married my daughter Ruby. When I wrecked my game and made up a new one, I accidently married him off to my second daughter, Pearl. Oops!

Well, my biscuits are cooked, and now I just have to lick the bowl. Bad food seems to help my nausea! Especially MacDonald's fries... sigh.

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