Monday, October 23, 2006


Discovered that the main reason for this 12 week ultrasound, according to what the doctor wrote on the radiology slip, was to take "nuchal fold measurements". It's a test to see whether the baby is likely to have Down Syndrome. Today, the sonographer said it was a bit difficult to get the measurement, and could I come back next week. I don't care about the nuchal fold at all, as I would be happy to care for a baby with Down Syndrome if God saw fit to give us one. But it's cool to see it on the screen, so I booked in for another scan next Monday.

Today she just took measurements, and Nathan and I got to see the baby, which was great! He looks pretty comfy in there, and wasn't inclined to move at all, little couch potato, but his heart was racing along, so all seems well. The sonographer gave us a fairly hopeless photo, considering we'd seen rather better ones on the screen, but maybe I'll get a better one next week.

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Charlie said...

Hey Tam Bam! So excited for you!!! Hope you get a better pic tomorrow. Must have been so unreal to see your little jelly bean :) Glad to hear you have as much work as you need until the baby arrives and I really hope you start to feel more energetic and less blah very soon! Take care...