Monday, June 12, 2006


I've got two more months left of my holiday, and then, we decided, I'd go back to work. So I'm going to talk to the boss this week, and see if she's got any spots for me. Ideally I'd like a part time job, but working on the nurse bank will be just as good. I'm aiming to go back in mid-August. Hopefully I won't have forgotten everything!

I heard the name "spironalactone" the other day (a common drug) and I couldn't remember what on earth it did! Not until the next day, and that has me a bit worried...

Anyway, if the boss is willing to hire someone who's brain has gone soft, I'll be fine.


kelgell said...

Ah cool! Back to having to manage your time more. Good thing I'm gonna come stay with you again these holidays while you're still on holidays too.

Vi said...

Wow... going back... scary, but exciting! I'm sure you'll remember everything really quickly once you get back in there. Hope you are excited, not just sad about saying goodbye to your holiday!