Saturday, June 17, 2006

Timothy James

He was finally born (2 weeks overdue) on Thursday, June 15, weighing 8lb 1oz, and 50cm long. He's very cute, of course, and he was wide awake when we visitted him yesterday. I gave him the little jumper I'd been knitting the last few months, and Seona said she'll send me a photo of him in it... when he's big enough to wear it! I made it to fit a 3 month old, but he looks so tiny it's hard to imagine it ever fitting ;)

Seona and Chris said they've known it was a boy, and they had told Michael (who's 3). It was a secret, but the funny thing is, Chris said, that if anyone had asked Michael about the baby, he would have said, "It's my new brother, Timothy, in mummy's tummy!" He actually told Nathan, but Nathan didn't understand Michael's 'version' of 'Timothy' (except in hindsight), so the secret was safe! Michael is apparently struggling a little to reconcile this 'baby' with the brother he was going to play cricket with the instant he was home!!

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Vi said...

Oooo... a nephew! Yay! They are exciting things!! Congrats!