Thursday, May 25, 2006

80 months

I realized that today is a funny sort of anniversary; I have been married 80 months! Woo hoo!

Not that we take much notice of anniversaries anyway, but I didn't have anything much else to write about...

It's amazing how slack you can get, after working so busily only a few months before. I remember being so busy that I didn't feel like I had the time to work and do the dishes. Now I do all my housework and spend hours every day doing what I like. I've never had a holiday like this before... it's great! I wish I could stop feeling guilty! Nathan works pretty hard, but he can't have half a year off. Well, not at the same time as me, I guess. I've been knitting a jumper: a very fiddly one. Wish I hadn't started it now; it's taken so much of my time up. Doesn't seem like a good use of so many hours. Especially when I could just buy one from a shop! Oh well. Only one sleeve to go, so I can't stop now. I've been mainly reading. Wish I'd kept track of all the books I've read this year; I can add up about 30 in my head, but I must have forgotten some. Just went to the library this morning to get half a dozen more. Should keep me entertained for a few weeks.

Had a wierd dream about work last night. I'd gotten a new job as at a restaurant (not as a waitress, though) and the guy who was my boss was also giving me chemo. I had to hook it up myself, though, and walk around the restaurant with an IV pole for 5 days each month. It was something like Herceptin, but the IV tube went down my throat. Then one of my uni teachers was there asking me questions about it, as she had a special interest [in real life Gabe had breast cancer]. Mum and Kelly had breast cancer, too, but they weren't in the dream. Couldn't get over how well I felt! lol! What a stupid dream...

Have been meeting people from work in the supermarket a bit lately, and getting emails from another nurse who's working in London now. Maybe that's why I was thinking about work... I met one nurse at Coles who very sneakily asked me if I was still going to the blood bank. It was sneaky, because I suspect it was her subtle way of asking if I was pregnant. And she is a sneaky one! Of course, she did write me an email saying she'd dreamed I was pregnant, and in my reply I was careful to avoid "confirming or denying" it. Ha ha. I wish I had have said from the beginning: "None of your business" to everyone's baby queries. Might start. It's just annoying that people ask at all. Anyway...

I'm going to the blood bank at 1:30. Donation number ninety-something. I forget.

Aaaaa... Mum just brought me in some little quiches. I put one straight in my mouth and it burned! It's Thursday again, so I'm sitting up at Mum and Dad's on the computer. Dad usually tapes "Prison Break", which is good of him. I miss it because of our Wednesday night bible study. I do all my little jobs and pick up Nathan after work. Today's jobs were buy a picture frame, swap some library books, drop a form in to the bank, go to the blood bank, get groceries, watch "PB" and buy "Cyrano..."-whatever it's called. I've decided to spend some of my spending money improving my library. Couldn't find that book, though, so I've reserved it at the library. Might go buy some other classic after the blood bank. One year I had a new year's resolution to read a classic every month. I read "The count of Monte Cristo" by Dumas, and "War and Peace" by Tolstoy. Read Homer's "Iliad" and "Odyssey" and Tolkien's "Silmarillion". The Iliad was one of the hardest books I'd ever made myself read! I think I bought a pretty difficult translation, though. I saw one in the bookstore today that looked readable. But after that, and "War and Peace" (also a drag) I let myself read the Austin books (again!) and after that I decided that Rowling's were all "classics"! He he.

Spent some of my birthday money on a book of poetry. But I should have some more classics. When I've finished these library books, I'm thinking of reading "The Count of Monte Cristo" again. That was good.

I should buy a lotto ticket! If I won, I'd be able to stay home. I could buy a fancy treadmill, and walk and read all day. We could extend the house, and I could have a huge library! A library with a treadmill in it! And 10,000 books...


Better get off the internet and get drinking. Got to be at the blood bank soon.

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