Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bludge Camp

Nathan and I have been to bludge camp this week! The most work we did was setting up the tent, and for most of the remaining time at Jubilee Lake, we read books! I didn't take enough books, and when I finished HP2 I was a bit bored! Nathan is reading Lord of the Rings, so he didn't finish it in 2 days... He kindly let me read it when he got sick of me sighing with boredom... LOL!

Jubilee Lake (near Daylesford) is quite small, and I walked around it 3 times. Only takes about 20 minutes, if you walk slowly. It was in the bush, nice and quiet... well, there were lots of noisy galahs squarking in the morning, so it was just like home ;-) .

When we got back home, we grabbed some groceries, then kidnapped Abby and Tim. We took them to a few playgrounds and fed them pizza and sugar and all that... so much fun to spoil kids. Nathan decided they were tired and sent them to bed at 7:30, and we sat on the couch reading and listening to them talk in bed. They're so funny! Tim, who had seen car lights whiz by, was trying to explain the difference between a "shooting star" and a "shooting car"!

The next day we watched cartoons, went to another playground and played Spyro. The kids were both too scared of the baddies to play much. They wanted to run Spyro around, but if they saw a baddie (or "baby" as Tim kept calling them) they'd beg Uncle Nathan to help them. ("Help, Uncle Nathan, the baby's going to squash me!!") Nathan tried and tried to get them to be brave enough to fight them (you just have to push "B" and "X") but they couldn't! Finally (after about an hour) Abby was brave enough to attempt it, and she was immediately contemptuous of Tim's fear... so funny. No sympathy at all! He he.

They cooked tea, which was fun, and ate it all, and were very proud of themselves. And we took them home, because we were a bit tired. We are old fogies!

Nathan has been relaxing, playing the xbox and reading the book. He keeps commenting on the differences between the book and the movies. He has a good memory for detail. I guess that's why he never feels the need to read anything more than once. Whereas I'm reading HP for the 7th time, and I'm still finding things I hadn't noticed, or had forgotten.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yay! Well, I'll be 30, so I don't feel like I can call myself young anymore, but I haven't felt young since before I worked on the oncology ward... I suggested the HP4 movie for my birthday present, as it just so happens to have been released 2 days ago in Australia :-) -hopefully Nathan bought it for me, but if not, I have $30 in my wallet so I'll get it anyway. May as well collect the lot...

I should go do something useful. Maybe I'll read a bit more. He he.


Vi said...

Ooo... sounds like you had a lot of fun with the kids! Can't wait til I can do the same with Adam and Ruth's baby!

And, hey, hope you had a great birthday! Did you get the HP4 movie??

Alrischa said...

Yes, I did. Yay! I've watched it 3 times, and Nathan's watching it again now. It's nowhere near as good as the book, of course, which I'm reading now, but that always happens with movies.

I also got books and jeans and craft stuff, etc., so I was a happy little vegemite!