Monday, May 02, 2005

The End

It's nearly the end of my holidays! I have to work 6 months before I get any more (sook sook).

I'm typing on Matt's computer this time, listening to "The Goons", who are funny but terribly distracting!

I've been shopping today, but most of my holidays have been spent reading. Nearly finished the fourth "Wheel of Time" book. Nathan's brother, Jason, tells me there are two books in the series yet to be written. AAAAGH! I finally got some new Blundstones. The other ones lasted me about 8 years, and the soles (on the inside) were falling apart. I threw them in the bin outside the shoe shop!

I don't want to go back to work!! I've been thinking too much about how nice it would be to work 2 days a week. I read one Courier in the last week, and recognized 4 names in the obituaries... and that's not unusual! I think oncology nursing is finally starting to get me down.

M'eh! I'm whinging because I've got nothing to report! Next time I might have exciting stories from the South: crazy people and the things they do... and maybe a bit about the patients, too!

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kelgell said...

Sorry to hear your holidays are coming to an end. [i'm looking forward to mine in July...another 3 weeks off!!]