Sunday, May 08, 2005


A doctor came in laughing last night, and sat at the desk. He told us he'd just been talking to the sister of one of our patients (who somehow got his number) and she is going to make a complaint about me. I didn't think that was particularly funny!

He said that she was angry because she'd visited her sister for 2 hours, then driven home, then immediately rang our ward to see how her sister was. (Huh???!). The nurse with whom she was angry (me) told her "She's just the same".

The doctor thought that was hilarious, especially since the woman had first told me she'd just gotten home after visiting her for 2 hours. What else was I supposed to say, after all?

Apparently she then asked the doctor how her sister was, and he somehow managed to restrain himself from saying "Just the same"!

Work has been lovely this weekend. Just like a weekend should be! I'd rather be on holidays, but I have missed chatting to all the friendly staff on our ward. So it's good to be back.

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kelgell said...

Ha ha--that's funny. I get some strange customers sometimes too. One lady was convinced I was in a bad mood...I don't know why. Perhaps simply coz I wasn't smiling...probably coz I was tired. I was fine though she did confuse me for a while. oh well.