Saturday, April 23, 2005


I'm on holidays!!!!!

I've left my poor grad to fend for herself... poor Sarah! Not only was it her first week of nursing, but she somehow managed to not get any hospital placements in her third year. How can a Uni be so stupid?? Anyway, I had four days with her, supernumeri. The first day she followed me around. The next three days I gave her the key and told her to come and ask me anything and everything (which she did). I tried not to "help" by doing her work for her; it's not as easy to do nothing as it would seem! I felt very guilty. But at least she has a bit of confidence that she can handle a full patient-load on her own. She'll be fine.

Anyway, on Friday I started my holidays: 19 days off! I have done very little!!!! I've weeded most of my tiny hexagon garden, the one with herbs and strawberries. I've read 2 of the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan (about 8 to go). I've done another level in my single-player Halo 2 mission. (I'm playing on Heroic instead of Legendary. Heroic is hard enough for me, but I think Nathan is ashamed of me - he he!) I've played on the internet, played with my new overlocker, played with my guinea-pigs. I've shopped, watched movies, cleaned the house. I'm bludging 95% of the time! It's great!

Tomorrow after church Nathan and I pick up our oldest niece and nephew to stay at our house overnight. Aparently they are very excited! We're going to make pizza, watch cartoons and look for shooting stars. Don't know what else. Tim will want to play "Crash Bandicoot" on Nathan's x-box. He's actually better at it than Abby.

Well, I have to get on with my bludging (so much of it still to do!). I tell you, much as I love work, I am aching to cut my hours back! But a lot more has to be slashed from the mortgage yet...

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kelgell said...

Yay! Holidays are fun. I got in trouble the other day for having too many holidays in store. So I HAVE to take holidays :Þ

Thanks for letting me know your blog address. It's interesting to read. I don't get to hear much about what's going on in your life [i don't really see you a whole lot] and it's nice to know. I'll keep checkin it from time to time.