Friday, October 10, 2008

What a mischievous pair they're going to be in a few years!

Byron is still "telling himself off". The other day he started growling "By RIN" (a lot like I would if I saw him tipping juice on the floor). He thought that was hilarious. Today I was on the couch, and Byron was just out of sight at the kitchen table. I realized he was saying, "Byron! Byron!" and when I looked, sure enough, he'd snagged the camera and was pressing buttons, which he's not allowed to do. I took it off him, and not 5 minutes later, heard him saying "Sit down!". Sure enough, he was standing on the kitchen chair, waiting for me to notice and tell him the same thing! Later, I heard him say, "No No!" or something, and when I looked he'd covered Jasmine (completely) with her blanket. He thinks he's pretty cute. Well, ok; he is!

Jasmine is smiling so much that I think her cheek muscles have grown. She's lost a bit of her beerbelly, and has discovered her hands in a big way. They are great to suck, and can pick up "Smooch" (thanks, Melissa; she's a favorite!) and suck on her, too. They can whack the rattley ring that her mummy hangs in front of her. Soon they will be able to whack Byron back when he tries to pull her off mummy's lap.

Here they are watching "Fruit Salad" (The Wiggles). Byron is doing the actions.

Watching TV again... Playschool, I think. Holding hands. Awww!

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kelgell said...

He he he. That's all so cute. Pity Byron's still doing whatever he tells himself off for instead of just not doing it if he knows it's something he gets in trouble for. Ha ha. I'll have to find a way to come visit some day and watch him watch the Wiggles. Sounds like fun.