Monday, August 28, 2006

The Big Trip

Years ago I bought a recumbent exercise bike for $80. My goal was to lose weight, as usual (lol), and to make it interesting I planned a virtual trip around Australia on it. I downloaded a stack of maps and directions from a travel site, pasted them into a book, and kept a record of all the kilometers I rode on it.

Of course, I didn't lose much weight, so my motivation kind of stalled. I got half way to Perth (a little over 1700 km), and then the bike just sat there, gathering dust.

Nathan bumped the little computerized bit a while back, and broke it off, and yesterday he designed and built a little metal bracket in his shed and fixed it, better than new. Inspired, I cleaned off all the dust and old tape (which used to hold the computer bit on) and got out my old "The Big Trip" exercise book. I did 5k last night and 5k this morning, and I'll update you all on here when I pass a major milestone. The WA border is next, I think, in about 150k. There aren't many towns about!!

In other virtual news, I managed to screw up my Sims game, and after deleting and installing 3 times, I was so pleased to get it working, I decided not to try and reintroduce the old saved games. They're still there, but I'm not going to try and put them back again... So I've started an all new neighborhood! I'm going to have my original kids, but they won't have all their previous skills and stuff. Oh well...

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kelgell said...

Moving to a new neighbourhood can be a big thing for kids. They'll get used to it... he he.

I installed University on the weekend and will soon get some of my teenagers further education. Gotta have a play first and figure out how it all works.