Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New stuff

A little while ago Nathan reminded me that he had some money set aside. It was a fortnightly budget allowance for petrol (for driving to Melbourne when he was having Tai Chi lessons there.) It had added up before we'd made decisions and changed the budget, but I'd completely forgotten about it.

So he told me that we were going to buy a tent!

We drove into town yesterday and bought a Queen size airbed, a HUGE esky and a tent that's big enough for 8 people! Can't wait to go camping now... well, I suppose I can wait for better weather!!! ;-). We thought about a light and a camping stove. But we have torches, and you can cook anything in the microwave. When we have a little camping trip we'll be able to figure out what else we really need.

We're going to set up the tent next week to make sure we can :) and that all the parts are there. Then we can just go camping whenever we like, for the weekend or a few days here and there; whenever we have time off together. Plenty of room if we end up having 8 kids. We can just close in the front part (the 'living room') and sleep there, and put all the kids in the other room. And when the oldest is about 12, we can make them all live in the paddock, and we can have the house back.

He he.

Well, this is my 5th and last day off, so I'm going to go and enjoy it! Might watch "Sense and Sensibility" again. I bought it recently, and I've watched it a few times on my days off (3? 4?). I've been doing a bit of cleaning and cooking. We even had Simon's whole family (of six) for tea on Friday, which was great! I annoyed my sleeping little nephew for ages with my camera flash.

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kelgell said...

Sounds great. What fun to be able to just go out and buy camping stuff! Hope you get to have lots of fun adventures with it. Camping is one the cool family memories I have.