Sunday, August 21, 2005


Simon rang me at about 9:30 this morning... with a baby howling in the background! So it wasn't too hard to guess what he'd been doing all night! Ezra Jonathan was born at 9:08am and he weighed 8lb 11oz. (A bit under 4kg). Then Nathan and I went off to church, where I sat reading Ezra instead of listening (to remind myself who he was).

I had to work, but Nathan met me at 2:30, because I have a break then. Spent my whole break waiting with Nathan and Kelly, as Ezra was stuck in the nursery, being a bit hypoglycaemic (2.6).

Saw him for a second as I left, though, and also spent my dinner break holding him while he slept. Gorgeous! Pity I can't put up pictures, but I'm sure Kel will (see the "shooting star" blog link).

Had a good day at work. It was quiet (so to speak...) and the little old lady who was crying "IhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyou!!!" last week was singing about how much she loves us all now. Literally singing! So funny! ;-)


kelgell said...

Hey congratulations on being an aunty again!!! Glad you got to have a hold later. Ü

Charlie said...

Congratulations TamBam!!! Can't wait to meet leetle Ezra. Ezra is a funky name!