Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Eighth day

It is my eighth day off in a row!! Tomorrow I go back to work, of course, but I have had a very good little rest.

I spent a bit of Friday sleeping, but tried to keep awake so I would sleep at night. On Saturday morning (the 16th) I lined up at the bookstore with 40 other nutcases to get "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", which I spent the rest of the day reading. Finished it before I went to sleep, of course (only a short book). Then I read it again, over the next couple of days. I've been reading, watching DVD's and knitting! What a life! I've done a bit of exercise; my feet are all ablister!

Now I'm going to waste a bit of time on Harry Potter theories! If you haven't read the books, it'll make no sense. If you plan to, you probably won't want to read on...

I was very impressed with the book! It was completely different from any preconceived ideas I might have had. I was both surprised (with very unexpected plots) and pleased with myself for guessing things right. I even guessed who the Half-blood Prince was, though that was just luck! I knew it was his book from the beginning. I certainly guessed Harry's eventual love-interest, as I had been telling Nathan for years. He thought Harry and Hermione... well, he hasn't finished the book himself, yet, but he's far enough into it to realize what's going on... What happened in the end was necessary, of course, but I think the separation will be as permanent as his "lifelong" ban from Quidditch.

Poor Professor Snape! I am convinced that he is still on the side of good, but now noone believes him. What a sad life he's had so far! Dumbledore made him promise to kill him before Draco could do it, and it must have taken a lot of courage. He had to make the unbreakable vow (with Bellatrix watching) but probably planned to just die. Why did Dumbledore trust him? I'm guessing it has a lot to do with Lily Evans. Slughorn says she was as good at potions as Harry (this year); what if Sev and Lily shared his ideas, his book? And why was the memory Harry saw one of Snape's worst if the war with James and Sirius was an ongoing thing? Maybe because this was the day he insulted Lil and lost her friendship...

As for the locket/fake horcrux that Dumbledore wasted his life getting; that is very unfortunate! I think Sirius underestimated his brother's intelligence; he's certainly the mysterious "RAB". The real locket will probably be the one they found cleaning headquarters, the one they couldn't open. Let's hope Kreacher saved it!

I thought the name Ginny chose for her puffskein was a bit dumb, really; until I realized that Arnold is an anagram of Ronald! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing! She really seems to be able to read Harry's mind; must be a bit of that Life-saving connection going on...

It'll be a couple of years before book 7 comes out; hopefully Moldywart will kick the bucket, Snape will be justified, the Idiot will kiss poor Hermy at last, and Harry will end up as the DADA teacher or something. Happily ever after, and all that jazz.

Well, I'm reading Jane Austen again, now, as it seems silly to read "HBP" again just yet! I'm reading "Emma".

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charlie said...

Hey TamBam! Just found your blog and I've really really enjoyed reading it, learning more about 'a day in the life of Tam'. Hope the return to work after your short break wasn't too much of a shock to the system!

You're a bit of an inspiration to me - the work that you do and the difference that you can make to people's lives. But I agree that you do need a good break - I highly recommend it! Wish you could do it. Anyways, hope you're having a happy day! Catch up with you soon.