Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live Below the Line 2011

All my food (almost) for the month of May, because I'm Living Below the Line for charity.

Cadbury drinking chocolate 450g 4.00 -a 2for1 that was cheaper than the cocoa and extra sugar
Wheat biscuits 1.12kg 2.91
White sugar 1kg 1.50 -Savings brand has disappeared :(
SR flour 1kg 0.95
Cordial to make 10L 3.76 -luxury
Strawberry jam 500g 1.39
Salt 500g 0.79
Marg 500g 1.09
Onions 1kg 1.64
Bread 4 loaves 4.36
Spearmint lollies 150g 1.79 -for donating platelets. Hard to explain succinctly!
Parmesan 100g 1.72 -luxury
Milk powder 1kg (10L) 5.99
Frozen vege mix 1kg 1.59 -It's got peas, but I can survive
Frozen potato chips 1kg 1.99 -same price as a kilo of potato, but already chopped and frozen
Frozen beans 1kg 1.79
Custard powder 350g 0.95
Chipolata sausages (16) 560g 3.45 -The cheap 3-star mince was absent
Penne 500g and spaghetti 500g 1.18
Soy sauce 500ml 1.20
Tomato paste 500g 1.49
Baked beans 420gX4 2.76
2Min noodles 5pk 1.09
Vegemite 150g 2.99 -luxury
Italian herb mix 35g 2.06 -taste! woot!
Rice 2kg 2.99
Eggs 12 2.41
Take 10% for the sale -5.98
remaining fruit and veg money: 08.15
Bought them yesterday because Coles were having a 10% off sale. Just as well, because a lot of the home brand things I planned to buy were... MISSING!!...)

Divided up the vege mix, beans and (chopped) onions into 31 ziplock sandwich bags. About half a cup of veges a day for $4. Put the bread in the freezer. Labeled EVERYTHING! Asked hubby to please not eat my home brand crap. He says "No problem!" hehehe.

Talked to two staff girls in the supermarket about it, too. They both said, "Let us know how it goes" and I said, "Yep, when I come in to buy my apple and 2 bits of broccoli..."

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kelgell said...

and how'd it go?
(Nice to see this blog get some action again.)