Tuesday, July 01, 2008

See, she's still alive

Not that she has anything to report, other than that it's 3am and she can't sleep.

I have been looking after Byron and trying to sleep through the day, getting more and more uncomfortable as I get fatter, and running out of hobbies. I can no longer read, knit, or play on the internet much if Byron is awake. He gets annoyed with me for ignoring him... or takes advantage of my lack of vigilance and climbs the bookshelf or something. I can't even nap during Play School. lol. So it's a bit annoying that I have insomnia when he is sleeping so well.

Not too many weeks to go. Then I'll have a new hobby for him to be cross about... playing with another baby!

Congratulations to Pam, who had her little boy the other day. They said in church it was the night before, so I guess it was the 28th. So glad she had a boy (and not just because I knitted her a blue-ish hat)... boys are great. I'd like all boys, except that I'm sure I'd like a girl just fine too. But all boys would be fun. Pam called her little man Eamon Henry (although I don't know how she spelled it) and I hope to meet him some time in the next few months.

Hannah's was first, though. Samuel was born ages ago, and I only found out weeks afterwards (nobody tells me nuthin) when I said to Kelly "I wonder when Hannah's baby will be born?".

Uh oh... the boy's awake. Better go give him a bit of milk and see if he'll go back to sleep. He woke up before (at 11:30, because of the wind outside, I think) and went back to sleep hugging his knitted Blue Bear tightly. LOL. Betty would be pleased about how much he loves it!

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