Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rubies and Pearls

It's a funny coincidence. Yesterday I was talking to Kelly on the phone, and we got talking about the Sims 2, which we've both started playing recently on our computers. We found out that:
Kelly's sim has a daughter called Pearl and she was considering calling her next daughter Ruby.
My sim has a daughter called Ruby, and I was considering calling my next daughter Pearl!


The good news of yesterday is that I got the job I applied for! First someone from the nurse bank called to give me an interview (as long as you're qualified, you're bound to get in to the nurse bank, as they're often desperate). Then Louise rang. She asked when I could come in for an interview, and then she said, "Well, not really an interview, more of a talk about details." Then she asked me how many days a week I'd like to work, as she's trying to do the roster. ;-)

This job is an 8 week job, and I said I'd work full-time if it suited her, but she said 0.84EFT would suit her better (which is 4 days a week). That actually suits me better, too; I just needed an excuse to not work full-time! She also said she was very glad I had applied, which is nice! Probably just means noone else did... lol! She said Jacqui was in the background, nodding, because she likes working with me (and vice versa). I'm going to be replacing Jac, while she does Louise's job, because Louise is going on LSL. Jac's a great boss.

Also did my tax return (and Nathan's) on the internet yesterday, which turned out to be pretty easy. Can't believe we've paid an accountant for the last 6 years. Between us, we had 2 group certificates and 4 deductions. Simple!

Well, I'm off to play the Sims 2 again. See if I have a Pearl...


kelgell said...

That truly is bizarre! Funny though. I like them as names. I wonder if I'll have a Ruby...or maybe Hy Wui and I will have a boy next.

Vi said...

LOL - very strange indeed! Hey, congrats on your job!! And four days a week sounds great! When do you start?

kelgell said...

Well, the birth happened! Hy Wui and "Kelly" had a son! And Pearl has a younger brother called Hy Sei. Pirate on! Yo ho ho!

Hy Wui and Kelly also got younger thanks to some very useful info from Tammy and will yet again. So they'll be able to see their kids grow up. Providing we care for them well.

Alrischa said...

I start work on August 28; picked up the first half of my roster the other day.

"I" had a boy, who I called Harry. He's a child now (with black scruffy hair, lol), but I was struggling with 3 kids for a bit. Then, when Joshua and Ruby were teens and Harry was a child, I felt organized enough to have another, and got a little Pearl!

You (Kelly) and Jack Sparrow are quite well off, as he brought a shipful of gold with him when you got married. He's a criminal... but a good man!

You (Heather) and the tall dark guy across the road (Mr Dreamer) are married and expecting. He he.

Sims are fun!

kelgell said...

LOL!!! You make me laugh. Jack Sparrow huh? He he.

Charlie said...

Tam Bam - it's great to hear about your job and the fact you only have 4 days a week. Sounds perfect! I'm a leetle bit sad that you go back to work just as I prepare to leave work again...