Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sovereign Hill

Even though it's one of Nathan's days off, we visitted Sovereign Hill today, and took along all his family. We signed in at the staff entrance at 9am (an hour before the park opens) and got our visitor ID badges, then headed up to the boiler house. It was already 25 degrees outside, so the boiler house' thermometer said 35. We were just in time for the safety valve check. At 90 PSI the safety valve lifted with an explosive hiss and steam filled the rafters. It was loud! When the pressure was back to 80 PSI the valves closed, and Nathan told us all about the boilers and lines, how it gets cleaned, what the various little engines did, about the old-time boilers, what to do in an emergency (apart from pray!) and all sorts of information that he's probably given tourists for the last 9 years. It was really interesting, and I think I understood most of what he said!

Then the safety valve of Boiler 2 went off, louder than the first! We continued on to the engine room and then the battery, with Nathan explaining everything as we walked. Michael was fascinated by all the big, greasy wheels and the roaring fire and the noise!

At 10 the park openned, and we went to the kiosk for a drink. Then we all wandered around for a couple of hours, buying lollies, checking out the shops, climbing the Poppet Head, listening to the little street band and panning for gold. Michael patted the horses, pumped the water pump and dipped a candle into colored wax.

I took a few pics, and put some of them on the website (see "Links" at the right). I was trying to get a half-decent family pic, but without resorting to "okay, everyone, look here and say, 'cheese'"; naturally I didn't get one! The three on the website are of Michael.

Nathan is revacuuming the floor (which I did yesterday!!!) because we're having a Halo Day tomorrow. People will be coming from about 10am, hopefully, and staying as late as they want, playing Halo 2. It's Labour day, an appropriate holiday to spend playing!

Then on Tuesday my sister's coming to stay a few nights--to play with my calligraphy stuff, she says! And to watch movies and chat and bludge... should be fun.

iHasta la vista!

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