Thursday, November 17, 2005

Knitting baby stuff

I know I haven't written for yonks, and I have nothing much to say. I'm certainly not knitting baby stuff for myself... well, I might keep whatever I don't give away if it doesn't look too warped... but I'm not pregnant or anything.

I've got 6-and-a-half days off! That's because I have two weekends, and RDO and a night off (or something). I am between day-shift and night-shift. So I'm sort of staying up half the night to prepare, because I go to work at 9pm tomorrow (ie, Thursday, 17th Nov). I have to be in charge of night shift for 2 weeks. That just means if someone has to wake up a Consultant at 2am, that Someone is Me.

These last 6 days have been spent reading (I'm reading an old war story; it's stupid but bizarrely intriguing), knitting (I have progressed from scarves to baby boots and jumpers) and watching TV. Very relaxing. Well, until you realize that you've spent 4 hours knitting with the wrong size needles and the whole thing is going to be a funny shape. I'm knitting my first jumper (baby-sized). It's a bit longer and thinner than it's supposed to be; hopefully it'll come together ok...

We spent Sunday afternoon with Abby and Tim; we took them to the show! It was quite a lot of fun. We walked around for ages, looking at the animals and the circus. Tim was afraid to go on the Ferris Wheel. The poor kid was clutching onto me at the gate, saying in a shaky, quiet voice, "I don't want to go on this ride", but after the first 10 seconds he changed his mind! They went on the Dodgem Cars, the jumping castle with a huge slide, the merry-go round; they played the clowns (putting the balls in their mouths), the lucky tickets, and catching the ducks with a hook. Abby had a go of popping balloons with darts, but Uncle Nathan had to help her with that. We bought them soft drink, donuts and a big tub of fairy floss. Uncle Nathan played the lucky tickets until he won a big toy for them (he was determined), which I had to fix as soon as we got home (cheap rubbish!), and I'm sure Esther will have to fix a bit more! Tim insisted on one more ride on the ferris wheel before we left!!!

Then we had rubbish for tea: mini spring rolls, meatballs and puffy dogs, followed by icecream with topping, marshmallows and M&M's. They watched cartoons before bed, and slept from 9pm to 6am. Tim said he dreamed about the ferris wheel! I made toast while Nathan slept in, and they watched a bunch of cartoons that they seemed to know quite well. We had leftover spring rolls, etc, for lunch. They each had a bath (because our bath is somehow different and exciting) and then watched Shrek 2. Nathan is sick of that movie, but they always want to watch it!! We finished off the fairy floss. All that sugar! But that's my job as an Auntie, and I wasn't about to slack off! Abby was trying to hint that they could stay another night, or even "100 nights", but we took them home with a bit of a sigh of relief! Children are full-time noise, and when you're not used to it... Esther says you get used to it as they grow up, which is good to know. But having them over for the night made me realize I don't want to have kids... for about 24 hours.

I've been trying to save my money, because the budget is being slashed next year (as I'm not working.) Sigh! There are pros and cons to marrying a Scrooge. We've paid a good chunk off our mortgage. But my spending money is about to be slashed to around what I used to get for pocket money as a teenager!

Oh well. Que sera sera.

The two remaining female guinea-pigs, Heidi and Winky, are hugely fat, and I can't believe they are still pregnant! Unfortunately the date now precludes the paternity of Sirius, which means I won't get black scruffies (sigh!). Hagrid is the father of all, which should be interesting. Hagrid was a Rex (think Pom-pom), so the babies should be rather cute. The current male, Charley, is black and white, so I may get a black-ish scruffy one day. We'll see. I separated the girls this avo, because it occurred to me that they might have their babies the same day, and I'd find a mass of babies, and not know which was whose.

We got to spend a bit of money on Tuesday, which is always fun. Actually we just chose a clothesline, lawnmower and security door, but we did buy a new set of pots! I've had rusty cheapo ones for years, so now I have a shiny good set. I'm excited, so I must be metamorphosing into a housewife.


Well, it's 2:48am. I have to think of something else to do. I'm bored! After only one week! Maybe I should do some housework.

Hmm. I'm a bit cold. Maybe I'll just go to bed...

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kelgell said...

Sounds like you did the Aunty and Uncle job really well. Heard a bit about the show from Tim. They would have loved that. THey said they got big showbags. I feel similar after I've had them too. But then, I don't just look after them. I play with them a lot when I have them over. That can be exhuausting.