Monday, June 06, 2005

Time off

I am lucky enough to be on a 5 day break! Of course, I am still full-time, so that means 2 weekends and an RDO all put together. What that also means is that I'll pay for it with long weeks! (Two 7-day weeks are imminent) I have been using my time off very productively... reading, mostly! I have been doing constructive things, too: today I spent a few hours on the internet and did some calligraphy (a poem by an Aussie bloke called Leon Gellert!)

Saturday we caught up with Adam and Ruth and Simon and Esther. We went Ten Pin Bowling! Hopefully we'll catch up with them more often, because I don't seem to know many people outside of work!

Ruth tells me that she had 6 months off work, and I'm thinking that is a great idea. I could pretend to be a housewife (cook and clean and all that bizarre stuff I don't have much time for!). I suppose I'll work until I go off on Maternity Leave in the distant future... Nice to dream, though.

Anyway, nurses get 6 weeks a year, so in November I'm having 4 weeks off! Woo hoo!

And I am taking 3 "Professional Development Days" and days off together in July, and because it's the end of a night-shift stint, I ended up with 9 days off! Well, I have to sleep the first day through, of course, but the rest will be used to read!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, best get off the internet, I think. I've been on for a few dollars now, and Nathan just poked his head in and said, "Are you still on the internet?"

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kelgell said...

Bowling with Adam, Ruth, Simon, Esther sounds like it would have been fun. It's great to do stuff like that. Hope you can manage more in the future.

I'm looking forward to three weeks off next month. Gonna go visit Tab in Broken Hill the first week. I have a number of books to read I got a few for my birthday.